Real Bass Exciter DSP For Winamp

Real Bass Exciter DSP For Winamp 1.0

Enhances the bass in your songs
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1.0.15 (See all)
Uses audio signal processing techniques to make the bass louder in any song that you listen to. Works as a Winamp plugin and includes a variety of bass effects.

"Real Bass Exciter" is a psychology model based bass exciter.
You can get a variety of bass effects by tweaking the parameters, even the Dolby(R) TruBASS(R).
An Exciter (also called a "harmonic exciter", "psychoacoustic processor", "enhancer", or "Aural Exciter") is an audio signal processing technique used to enhance a signal by dynamic equalization, phase manipulation, harmonic synthesis of (usually) high frequency signals, and through the addition of subtle harmonic distortion.

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